Get Involved

Here are 4 easy ways you can get involved and contribute!

  1. Sign up for our newsletter
  2. Volunteer with EWB Vancouver
  3. Become a member
  4. Make a donation

Join us at our Meetings

Wondering what EWB is about? Not ready for a commitment? That's fine by us. Join us at our weekly chapter meetings to learn, grow, plan, and have fun. All meetings are on meetup (though you may want to avoid one's labeled "Exec" as these aren't targeted at new members, we don't want to bore or confuse you!).

Join the Chapter Executive

You get

  • EWB-style professional development. This is what we're known for folks, and this is your opportunity to be at the centre of it!
  • to be part of an awesome high-capacity team and build your network for years to come, both within the organization, and with our many partners
  • pride and satisfaction in steering the chapter to new heights
  • your own portfolio to build and manage
  • to be part of the leadership pipeline for the chapter 

You give

  • 10 to 20 hours per month investment, 1 year commitment
  • attendance at most (75%) meetings, or reasonable reasons why not (we are very reasonable)
  • active involvement in the chapter's main initiatives (this year: Run to End Poverty, Global Engineering Competition)
  • all members of the executive committee must be Regular members (see below)
  • your incredibly valued advice, opinion, dreams, energy, and goals to shape the chapter - you define what success looks like!
  • timely response to email (3 days)

Get in touch.

Present and Recent Chapter Projects

What have our volunteers been up to recently? You can contribute to projects like these. Have an idea that’s not listed, that you want to make happen? Contact us! We want to hear about it!

Become a Member

Four amazing reasons to become a member of this chapter:

  • Have a direct impact on creating a wave of social change that ultimately leads to alleviating extreme poverty
  • Meet and socialize with a group of fun and progressive thinkers
  • Learn about relevant international issues in a resource-rich environment
  • Gain leadership skills

Membership in myEWB (EWB's online community) will sign you up for our Chapter’s and the national mailing list, keeping you updated on our upcoming activities and news. A myEWB account will be created for you when you become a regular member. myEWB is EWB’s discussion and announcement board.

You can become a member online:

  • Register online at myEWB
    • Under Chapter select Vancouver Professional Chapter.
  • To become a regular (paid) member online:
    • navigate to your myEWB profile page by clicking your profile picture when you're logged into MyEWB
    • on the "About" tab, in the Membership Status row, click the link

Or, contact us to become a member!

In our pursuit to reduce extreme poverty and lessen people's vulnerability, we depend on the generosity of concerned global citizens such as yourself. By donating to EWB, you will support projects that are helping people escape poverty.

Donations can be made using EWB's Secure Online Donation Form.

Tax Receipts are issued for donations of $20 or greater.

If you have any questions about where your donation can have the most impact, please contact us.