African Staff Connections

Professional Fellow (2013) - Colleen O'Toole

Colleen is in the middle of her placement with the Afri-Lead venture. Learn more on her blog.

African Programs Staff (2013) - Jonathan Haley

Jon is starting his placement with the Business Development Services venture. Learn more on his blog.

Professional Fellow (2012) - Sasha Caldera

Sasha volunteered in 2012 with Agricultural Value Chains, working on market facilitation projects in Uganda.

Sasha holds a bachelor’s in Political Science and an extended minor in Economics from Simon Fraser University. Additionally, Sasha has a MA in Intercultural and International Communication from Royal Roads University. In 2009, Sasha co-founded Fair Trade Vancouver, and International Development Drinks, a bi-monthly social event for the International Development community in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Professional Fellow (2011) - Mark Ware

Mark volunteered in Zambia, working in agricultural systems change.

Professional Fellow (2011) - Lindsay Hannigan

Lindsay volunteered with AgEX, working in agricultural systems change.

Professional Fellow (2010) - Mark Abbott

After being an active member in the Vancouver Professional chapter for several years, Mark took a leave of absence from his job as Director of Marketing at Fransen Engineering Limited to join EWB’s Agriculture Team in Ghana between mid August and mid December of 2010.   During his placement, he worked with EWB’s partner the Ministry of Food & Agriculture (MoFA) in their Kpandai District office to help ensure the sustainability of EWB’s Agriculture As A Business program and improve the general management and leadership capabilities of the office.  Strengthening MoFA’s office in the district is important work because the staff provide front line support to subsistence farmers in the district and there is a big demand for their assistance, as nearly 90% of the 100,000 people in the district are farmers and roughly 50% of the population does not have enough to eat during the lean months.

Mark has done a great job of chronicling his time in Ghana, including numerous video, audio, and picture blog posts covering a range of topics: personal experiences, exploring the community, describing EWB’s work, and thoughts about development.

Read on at:

Mark can now be found making amazing things happen at EWB Canada's National Office.

Professional Fellow (2010) - Pam Rogalski

Pamela Rogalski spent mid-August to December 2010 as a member EWB's Governance and Rural Infrastructure team (G&RI) in Ghana.  

When government planners see an outbreak of a deadly disease occurring in one area because people only have access to river water not well water, they can prioritize government and development organizations drilling wells in that area.  When they know how class size is affecting exam pass rates, they can prioritize education spending.  We need information to build robust infrastructure here, and its no different in Ghana.

She contributed to the team goal of helping Ghanaian government planners use resources more efficiently by informing their planning decisions with data.  She saw so many Ghanaians working hard for a future of opportunity, it was a honour and a privilege to work with them.

Pamela is a Professional Engineer, Project Management Professional, and founder of the Engineering Leadership Council. Read her blog at

 Professional Fellow (2009) - Carissa Vados

Carissa VadosCarissa is a former Aeroplan employee who worked in Ghana for 4 months (Sept-Dec 2009) as a Professional Fellow with EWB. Her involvement with this organization stems from Aeroplan and the CSR program that allowed her to visit some EWB projects in Zambia last October. This blog is an honest depiction of her journey through this amazing opportunity. Carissa believes that the world we live is not only full of gaps but also full of potential. She would like to be a part of the process that makes where were want to be as a global community more of a reality.

For a full account of Carissa's experience, check out

African Program Staff - Colleen Ducan

Coleen DucanColleen is working with EWB and the AVC team in Ghana following an interesting opportunity on the ADVANCE project. Collaborating with EWB’s other teams, supporting the processes of organizational learning and knowledge management and working alongside field managers and to seek out opportunities to involve the private sector and smallholder farmers in opportunities for growth.

Check out her latest updates at