Our Projects

In Canada

Our focus in Canada is showing every Canadian they have a part to play in human development; that there is an opportunity for Canada’s corporations, government, and individuals to be more pro-human development. EWB enables human development champions to show Canadians from all walks of life that everyone has a part to play in eliminating global poverty.

MP Candidates debate on Human Development (Oct 2008) Run-to-End Poverty, connecting Canadians to Africa (July 2009)
MP Candidates debate on Human Development  Run-to-End Poverty, connecting Canadians to Africa

Our vision is for Canada to become a model global citizen in working towards alleviating world poverty. We promote change in individual actions, government policy and actions, and corporate actions. A key to achieving these levels of change is an aware, engaged, and motivated populace. We believe in creating holistic and sustainable change.

Active Chapter Initiatives


Poverty is the product of broken systems that prevent people from realizing their full potential. Beating poverty means making those systems work.

EWB is doing exactly that. We invest in people—smart systems changers, and we incubate the systemic innovations that they create to accelerate rural African development. It’s not about projects. It’s not about technology. It’s about people working with people to create lasting, scalable change that unlocks human potential.

EWB Vancouver’s first Professional Fellow in northern Ghana EWB long-term overseas staff Colleen Duncan in Malawi
EWB Vancouver’s first Professional Fellow in northern Ghana EWB long-term overseas staff Colleen Duncan in Malawi

Overseas projects cover the water and sanitation, agriculture, and rural energy and food processing sectors. EWB offers short term and long term placements overseas. We work with communities and ensure our projects address root cause problems. For our projects, the communities involved have ownership over, and drive, the solutions.

Active Chapter Initiatives

More Information: Present and Recent Chapter Projects

Go Beyond Competition - Event in October 2013

We believe that we (as citizens) have a responsibility to proactively break down barriers towards a happier, greener and more just today and tomorrow. This event inspires leaders to take innovative actions for solutions to complex problems of today.

Amplifying Impa​ct from Canada: Research Project - ongoing since May 2013

How do 10,000 networked EWB-ers across Canada best support 60 volunteers’ work on the ground in Africa? Find out more here

Run to End Poverty​ - annual since 2010

Our annual run in support of our chapter and EWB Canada's initiatives raises funds and connects Canadians to Africa. More Info.

Workplace Outreach and Lunch and Learns - ongoing since Chapter Founding

Engineers Without Borders presents ideas and engages participants on the changing face of engineering impact and responsibility, and how we can address this. Systems thinking is one new toolkit to understand the impacts of our work and analyze daily decisions. Why do we need to add new tools to the way we do work? These presentations explore this!

Speaker Evening: Breaking Down the Walls - Event in March 2013

What is the impact individual engineers have in society daily? What is the role of engineers in addressing global issues such as water and food shortages?  How can the problem solving skills engineers have be best put to use in the context of globalization?

National Engineering and Geoscience Month: People and the Environment in Popsicle Stick Bridges - Events in March 2013

EWB, together with branches of APEGBC, engaged elementary school students and the general public about the impact of bridges on the environment and on society.

Member Learning at the City Network: Blog - ongoing since January 2013

A collection of useful and inspiring blog posts about international development, strategy, or EWB. Check it out here.